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I want you to have everything you need at your fingertips so I’ve compiled a list of medical, practical, and selfcare resources for you to tap into anytime you want. There’s also a ‘local business sections where you can redeem offers for self-love products and services.

Treat yourself Mumma.

Medical & Mental Health resources

National Perinatal Mental Health Guidelines – High quality practical information to help you work through the emotional challenges of being a parent.


Breastfeeding resources, support, counseling and equipment hire for mothers. All your breastfeeding questions and concerns answered.


Supporting the emotional well-being of new parents and their families, while providing education for health professionals and the community.

The Black Dog Institute is dedicated to understanding, preventing and treating mental illness through providing world class research into mental health. A useful resource for those new dads who are also needing support.

Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live. A useful resource for those newborn dads who are also needing support.


Comprehensive educational tools and resources for families raising children in Australia. This organisation provides free practical parenting tools including videos, articles and apps backed by Australian experts.


Mumma Loves Resources

In this space I will share things I love, commonly use, places I frequent and things I have taken for a spin that I can vouch for.  This information will forever evolve and in the event a collaboration is formed, I wouldn’t share if it wasn’t the bomb.  Tried and tested by Mumma & Co.

The Mummsie

I think what I love so much about this biz is their product innovation! 

Whilst the ladies stock a range of amazing womens/babieswear  toys skincare from local and far away brands, my fave is their world wide exclusive overalls plus baby carrier in one! Genius!

Before and after with or without bubs! You’ll look stylin’ 

PONY Hair Makeup & Tanning

We all know our hair turns to shit post-birth.  Mostly lack of attention but when the loss sets in, confidence takes a whack and a new do is required.  

Apart from sleep little can supersede the feeling of a makeover for a new mum.  Enter Craig and Lara.  With more than 30 years’ experience with stars like Jen Lopez, these perfectionists will transform you to yummy mummy status in no time. This salon has a hip factor with a vibe that will make you want to hit the floor -oh wait … maybe the lounge floor? 

Not just a new do, Lara also provides makeup and tanning services under the same roof.  Win Win.

Larder & Baked

Sleep deprivation can somewhat feel like a bad hangover so what’s my go to cure?

A soft-egg omelette surrounded by Voodoo Bacon, onion marmalade, American cheddar and BBQ sauce.

L&B also stock a small selection of amazing super healthy nutritionally packed salads for the health-conscious mum on the run.

Doterra Oils

Founder of The Mamma’s Collective Caitlin Langford is a super bloody sweet mumma of 4, Registered Nurse (women’s health), holistic health coach, and all things essential oils. This smart cookie really gives a sh*T about postnatal mums with a focus on a wide range of therapies for mental health and well-being.  Furthermore, she is the guru of my fave go-to brand– Doterra.  Caitlin has a solution (pardon the pun) to keep the crazy hormones in check, produce more milk and gain some perspective on the turbulent path of re-producing! She also caters for bubs with safe sooth and smooth blends that will benefit the whole household.  Sigh of relief? You can thank me later.

Noosa Flow

Claire Toone & co. really know how to engage more than just the core. In one room you’ll find schmicko reformer classes on the fancy pants Allegro machines and mat and yoga classes in the other. Designed for new mums,  Mums and Bubs Flow classes are the bomb! Strengthening pelvic floor and abs, tone the chasee and stretch achy bits (thanks bub) you will feel like a well-oiled machine.

Lee McDermott

No surprise Lee McDermott was voted Noosa’s best hairdresser 2020 (voted by the people). With 27 years of experience Lee knows how to color cut and style! But it doesn’t start and end here.  She has also studied trichology and consults on alopecia and hormonal imbalances relating to hair loss. Lee can transform bald to bold with a range of hair extensions and products to promote thicker locks. She believes in building on sisterhood! Super honest -she aint gonna do the do because you think the do is you! She’ll tweak for face shape and accommodate lifestyle commonly referred to “CBF hair up” style. Because you not a Kardashian with an army of beauty servants.


I reckon I’m stating the obvious when declaring how blessed we are in Noosa.  But the real anchor for me is the plethora of places to meet without the wallet.   For your bitch and moan mummy sessions, check out  Maison La Plage. This whimsical nook is tucked away with views of Main Beach and located beachfront side of La Maison Apartments.  Sheltered from the elements with pillow like grass there is plenty of room to snavel some privacy and swear like a sailor.  Maybe a walk along the board walk to move and soothe bubs. Either or, there are plenty of surrounding alternatives a push of the pram away.

Luxe Soirees

Co- founders Chloe and Kara love to socialise in luxury.  So combined with passion and attention to detail and edgy style Luxe Soirees have really nailed this underrated social platform!

Wrangling baby equipment and the brood in cafes to gain social sanity was in my “way too hard” basket. Always an event. So is carting a picnic rug esky food chair nappy bag then another run or two back to the car because you forgot the dummy. No thanks.

Skip the “event” with your very own personalised event. Get your tribe of newbie mums and let it all out!  Luxe Soirees has it covered from set-up—set down. Chic accessories and plush cushions adorn beautifully decked out benches and groovy seats!  Like hello!

Get bubs comfy and hoover your way through some of the best gourmet platters with locally sourced produce on the planet.  Supporting locals too.  Nice one. Choose your time—breakfast, lunch or dusk—your location – (beach right?)  then rock up to a fully sick on point styled picnic complete with a decadent cheese and meats platter, with a view. Let the girls take care of the logistics just turn up with bevy and baby. Baby and bevy, which ever order.  

(photo credit) lindy photography

Gympie Terrace

Gympie Terrace a stretch of riverfront technically home to loads of different parks, but the thing we love most about it is that you can walk from one end to the other in less than half an hour (depending on dummy stops).

If you’ve got older kids in tow, get there early to snag a BBQ near the Pirate Park, or if you want a bit more privacy, throw your blanket down at a secluded spot up near Munna Point.

And if you burn your snags or get sand in the dip, lighten the mood and brush yourself off at Whiskey Boy or G&T’s.  Wine cocktail shot, the choices are endless!

You have a small window of opportunity.  Prompt service is essential. No room for another mood killer. 

pic cred: noosa days

Mumma Media

I want to share my wins with you, because your success is my success. Here are a few snippets from media about Mumma & Co. 

Noosa Today (Noosa, Sunshine Coast News Outlet)

By Abbey Cannan

Experiencing first-hand the lows of postnatal depression, a Noosa resident is now wanting to empower other mums by offering vital support through real, honest, and humorous viewpoints.

"When you can't look on the bright side, I'll sit with you in the dark."

- Alice in Wonderland
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