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About Mumma & Co.

Research shows that mums, dads, and babies (the whole brood) have an easier time with a transition into their new life if a good support team is in place. Mumma & Co. will provide evidenced-based information on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, mother-baby bonding, infant soothing, and basic newborn care.

While that’s all important so is the self-care of the mother. So aside from the practical and serious stuff, I will connect new mums to all the fun stuff that mums need for time out! You will not be alone!

Follow me on this journey as a postnatal support system, backed by professionals, ready to empower new mums through real, honest, and humorous viewpoints, helping them become empathetic, outgoing realistic and confident mums!

Mumma and Co. is here to support connect and provide face to face non-judgmental advice. I will be your confidant and concierge and add a whole heap of value advice as you move your way through parenthood be it first or final time. I want to engage and support newborn mums in an approachable yet professional manner providing resources, local services and advice from health professionals in Noosa and the surrounding areas here on the Sunshine Coast.


My story

Hi, I’m Renee – Founder of Mumma & Co. fellow mother to two beautiful, vivacious and rewarding children.

After working in media and marketing sales with big guns like News Corporation for more than 16 years, I decided to progress to another challenging journey commonly referred to as motherhood – the most challenging poorly-paid role to date.  Boy did life change!

I had this former fabulous career, limited support and a husband who had to sacrifice family time to provide us with the (now) fortunate life we live! I am grateful for his motives and his actions, but at the time I felt alone, scared and completely out of my comfort zone. Sound familiar?

As many of you can relate…I didnt have a support system around for my first pregnancy and birth and the same for my second.

I am now a proud and happy mumma to Ms L, 12 and Mr A, 9, but it wasn’t always so easy. I experienced the highs (but mostly lows) of childbirth and early motherhood. For a long time I tried to convince myself that I was sane and everything was going well when realistically it was a lie. After my first birth I felt like I’d been hit by a sonic BOOM! “How do I keep this human alive? What the hell is going on with my body? Why I am I losing hair? I just want some sleep!!!”

So that’s how the wheels fell off.  First time, tough, second round tougher. 6 months into becoming a second time mum I was taken back into hospital to the Mother and Baby unit and for the first time I felt like all my internal calls for help were finally being heard. I needed help and this time I was not alone.

After beating Postnatal Depression, I felt a calling to support other mums. I get it – I’ve lived it, it was horrendous! The anxiety, tears, guilt and so on and so forth! These are the happiest times of our lives and they shouldn’t be the loneliest.

I am now lucky to be living in beautiful Noosa, Australia, supporting and connecting Sunshine Coast mums on their journey of early motherhood! Join us.

Love Renee xo

Mumma & Co.

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midwife and skincare specilist

Mid B

Belinda Clare (Mid B) is a Registered Nurse, Midwife and Skin Specialist.

Based in Noosa, Mid B wrangles not just one, but four kids. She practises at a local medical practice and is also the owner of The Luxe Skin Co.

Belinda has worked in both tertiary and rural hospitals throughout Queensland Health (wow that is just showing off!) She is my midwife partner in crime and extraordinaire of all things “baby”.

As a qualified midwife Mid B will accompany me to any appointments to assist with infant medical concerns such as post birth healing, feeding, baby development and growth and much more. 

Appointments with Mid B will be predetermined in our planning phase and can be locked in for 1 – 4 appointments depending on your requirements.